About The Project

This project was founded by Dan McCarthy, a professional DJ and a long time fan of the Cape Cod Happy Hour. In 2011 while visiting a Jim Plunkett Happy Hour at the Improper Bostonian in Dennis, Dan started thinking about all the great times he experienced over the years with Jim Plunkett, Gordie Milne, John Morgan, The Shoes and Cliff Myers . He thought how much people and places have changed since then and how great it would be to tell the story of the Cape Cod Happy Hour. Imagine the soundtrack to that movie!!

Well, in his role at the time as DJ for the Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins, Dan had a lot of friends in the video and film industry. With the help of best friends Mark Chambers and Derrick DeLuties they just started filming and collecting stories and photos and vintage video. Interview after interview they knew they had something special. With great guidance from Happy Hour legends like Dick Doherty, the man everyone credits with getting it all started, and a few concerts to raise money, they soldiered on.

So fast forward to 2016, all the filming has been done. Now comes the important tasks of writing the script, editing the film, color correction and audio mixing. That’s where we need your help, The Cape Cod Happy Hour Fan. Please purchase a ticket on our home page and help us reach our goal of $33,000 to finally finish what we know will be a great story.

The Process


Hundreds of hours of work have gone into this project to date. From interviews with the players and their fans to on site filming and production. Collecting and capturing hundreds of photos and video from back in the day. Capturing the essence of Cape Cod through camera lenses old and new.

Now the task of completing the film with the team at Lunchpail Productions in South Boston is at hand. Writer Rich Swietek will take you on a journey back to the 70’a and 80’s when the Cape Cod Happy Hour wasn’t just a place you could go but a way of life for it’s most dedicated fans.

We need those fans now more than ever to help us reach our financial goal of $32,500.00 to be able to compete this film by summer of 2017. Please consider a donation to help us get there.